Global United Forces is a Gaming community where we come together to participate in FPS gaming where groups of people playing multi games from different cultures around the globe coming together and participating at FPS gaming

Our community is organized around different concepts, players’ types, and different skills to participate in a variety of events in gaming, learn new skills, and improve their gaming experience for better communication in gaming. Our Members may join for a variety of reasons, such as to learn more about gaming tactics and strategy, to practice their skills, to participate in team-based games,

Whether you’re new to the game/series or experienced you’re welcome to join our community, we have the community ranking progressions for the players who are willing to share their ideas with others and help the community moving forward!



Contacting Global United Forces Community Leader

If you’re having suggestions, or you want to directly and efficiently reach out to the community leader, Also we’re valuing equality, and we’re against ups & down treatments between members & Staff Members,

If you have experienced any inappropriate behavior with leadership members, moderators, or higher staff members of the community you can directly contact the community leader from here