Strictly Prohibited

Rules and Honor Code in Global United Forces Community

In our gaming community, we take pride in fostering a friendly and respectful environment where every member can enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest. To achieve this, we have established a comprehensive set of rules and an honor code that every member must adhere to. These guidelines are designed to promote inclusivity, fairness, and mutual respect among all community members. Below, we outline our Honor Code and the two categories of rules, each with its corresponding infraction points.

Honor Code:
Our Honor Code serves as the foundation of our community, emphasizing the importance of treating all members with respect, regardless of their skill level. It promotes inclusivity and unity among our diverse group of gamers. Here are the key principles of our Honor Code:

Respect for All: Always treat members of the community with respect, regardless of their background, experience, or skill level.

Inclusivity: Never leave a member of the community behind. If someone wants to join an activity, be welcoming and accommodating.

Equality: Avoid treating a member of the community differently due to their skill level. Not everyone plays games at the same level, and that’s perfectly fine.

Community Guardians: Take responsibility for pulling up members who behave poorly toward others within the community. We all play a role in maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Rules and Infraction Points:
To ensure the community’s well-being, we have established two categories of rules, each with its own consequences in terms of infraction points. Please be aware that we take violations seriously, and penalties may range from temporary suspensions to permanent bans.

Category 1: Immediate Removal (2 Infraction Points and an Instant Ban)

  1. Personal Information Sharing (“Doxxing”):
    • Description: Sharing personal information about any member, including real names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other identifying details without their explicit consent, is strictly prohibited.
    • Rationale: Protecting the privacy and safety of our members is of utmost importance. Doxxing can lead to serious harm and discomfort for individuals and is a breach of trust within the community.
  2. Spamming Channels:
    • Description: Sending repetitive, irrelevant, or unsolicited messages in channels not designated for such communication is considered spamming and is against the rules.
    • Rationale: Spamming can disrupt conversations, flood channels with unnecessary content, and create a negative experience for other members. It is essential to maintain a clutter-free environment.
  3. Threats of Harm or Violence:
    • Description: Any threats of physical harm or violence towards others or oneself are strictly forbidden. This includes both direct and indirect threats.
    • Rationale: Threats of harm or violence can create an unsafe and hostile atmosphere within the community. We prioritize the safety and well-being of all members.
  4. Harassment and Verbal Abuse:
    • Description: Engaging in persistent, unwanted, and harmful behavior towards another member, including bullying, name-calling, or any form of verbal abuse, is not tolerated.
    • Rationale: Harassment and verbal abuse can severely impact the mental and emotional well-being of our members and disrupt the community’s harmony.
  5. Disturbing Content:
    • Description: Posting content that is exceedingly gruesome, violent, or disturbing, such as graphic images or videos, is strictly prohibited.
    • Rationale: Such content can be distressing and disturbing to members and goes against our goal of creating a positive gaming environment.
  6. NSFW and Hate Speech:
    • Description: Sharing sexually suggestive, NSFW (Not Safe for Work), or borderline NSFW content, as well as using slurs, hate speech, or promoting bigotry in any form, is not allowed.
    • Rationale: This rule promotes a welcoming and respectful environment, free from offensive and harmful content or language.
  7. Racism, Homophobia, and More:
    • Description: Any form of racism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism, ableism, or other types of bigotry is strictly forbidden. This also includes disguised forms of such behavior.
    • Rationale: Our community is committed to inclusivity and diversity. Such behavior is not only offensive but also divisive and harmful.
  8. Advertising Other Discord Groups:
    • Description: Promoting other Discord groups within our community will result in an instant permanent ban. Members are free to belong to other communities, but promotions are not allowed here.
    • Rationale: This rule maintains the integrity of our community and prevents members from using our platform for personal promotion or recruitment for other communities.

Category 2

Category 2: Infraction (1 Infraction Point, Lasting 1 Month)

Excessive Profanity:

Description: While some use of profanity is allowed within the community, excessive and constant use of explicit language may lead to a one-month infraction.
Rationale: We aim to strike a balance between allowing members to express themselves while ensuring that the community remains respectful and suitable for all age groups.
Discussion of Illegal Activities:

Description: Engaging in discussions related to illegal activities, such as game/content piracy, hacking, or other unlawful acts, is prohibited.
Rationale: These discussions can lead to illegal activities within the community and are not in line with our ethical and legal standards.

No Spamming of Commands:

Description: Spamming commands within our community channels disrupts conversations and hinders communication. It is against our rules.
Rationale: Consistent and unnecessary spamming of commands can create a frustrating experience for other members.

Political Discussion:

Description: While political discussions are not outright prohibited, they are discouraged within our gaming community. Heated political debates can lead to conflicts and division.
Rationale: Our primary focus is on gaming-related topics and maintaining a friendly atmosphere. Political discussions often lead to discord and distraction from our main goal.

Blocking Admins/Staff Members:

Description: Blocking admins or staff members without a valid reason may lead to an infraction. It’s important to maintain open lines of communication with community leaders.
Rationale: Blocking community leaders can hinder conflict resolution and important communication within the community. We encourage members to address issues through proper channels.
By adhering to these detailed descriptions of violations, our gaming community can ensure a respectful, safe, and enjoyable environment for all its members.