Global United Forces Competitive Team – Battlefield Special Forces Unit


The SF unite is referred to the professional gamers of the community, they’re at the frontline for competition games and eSport matches, joining the SF team has certain requirements and they should keep good discipline to fit in that role,

GUF is a casual and semi-competitive community, not being in the SF unit does mean that you cannot play the competitions at all, but the fact is SF unit will always have the priority to play at the competition games, and in case of emergency the casual gamers may involve as reinforcement or backup.


Roles Info : 
1 – Should have depth knowledge about the game they are playing

2 – Should be actively practicing the game, and attending weekend training events

3 – They should be reliable and respond to the assigned team leader, and update their conditions and availability on participating in the matches


Requirements and How to Apply 

1 – Should have an interest and be eager to play the competition games,

2 – Should not be on a different team in the same game, especially the teams we’re playing with them at the tournament

3 – Should be very calm, and composed even when at a disadvantage.

4 – Having a team play skill and communication in the competition games, & attending practice events to improve your communications skills,


If you’re interested you can fill out the following forum,

Competitive Team Sign Up