What is Bornless?

Introducing “The Bornless,” an action-packed horror FPS set in a Lovecraftian world. Engage in intense battles, summon demons, and build factions to conquer territories. Customize your arsenal with Black Magick, upgrade your Safehouse, and strategize for survival.

Dive into diverse gameplay modes, from co-op missions to the thrilling demon versus disciple mode. Form teams, conjure demons, and employ strategic planning to outlast your foes. Join or create Factions, compete in global campaigns, and partake in base-building and action quests.

Utilize unique Black Magick like the Corvus Eye for tactical advantage and engage in the challenging Orobas Gamemode, a strategic PvPvE showdown featuring fearsome wendigos.

Collect resources through challenges to personalize your weapons, upgrade your Safehouse, and stand out on the global stage. Immerse yourself in a rich Lovecraftian universe with deep lore inspired by the Lemegeton, a real-world book of sorcery.

“The Bornless” offers engaging FPS combat, resource management, a diverse skill system, Factions with Safehouses, seasonal content, and a wide array of Black Magick abilities and weapons. Are you ready to invoke the Bornless One and embark on this thrilling journey?


If you’re ready to say “Yes,” then why not become a part of the GUF community playtest team for The Bornless game? Join us today and complete the form below to secure your access key, granting you the opportunity to install the game and join other players in our exciting weekend playtest events.

What Are the Playtests?

As a result of decisions made within the Global United Forces gaming community, our staff leadership has chosen to collaborate with the Bornless game developer in conducting playtests with our community members. This initiative is aimed at collecting valuable feedback for the developer team during the game’s early Alpha development stage. Concurrently, the GUF community staff will be orchestrating weekly events on our community Discord platform. Members who have completed the forum and received their access key can then download the game and join our community in these playtest events, where they can share their feedback on the GUF Discord server.


Once you’ve submitted the forum, our staff team will carefully assess your submission, and you will be granted an access key to install the game via Steam.


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