Content Creators & Streamers:


At Global United Forces, we are dedicated to fostering a spirit of teamwork and mutual support among our members. Our commitment extends to providing robust support for our content creators by promoting their posts through our Discord Channels. We offer automatic alerts for live streams and social platform accounts, as well as notifications for video clips published on platforms such as YouTube. Additionally, we assist content creators with the creation of banners and graphic images, granting access to our licensed music library and video composing templates. When available, we also offer help in crafting intros or stream overlays.

We have specific roles within our community designated for streaming, and members who have been part of our community for a minimum of one month are eligible to apply to become community streamers. Community streamers benefit from automatic posting of their streaming notifications in our Discord media channels, facilitated by our Discord bot.


To be eligible for the roles of Content Creators and Streamers, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Membership in the community for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Content must adhere to our community rules and reflect both the content creator and the community in a positive light.
  • Content should not feature trademarks of other brands or communities outside of GUF. While not mandatory, we appreciate it when our content creators include ‘GUF’ in the title or descriptions of their content to support the community.
  • Content creators and streamers are required to utilize our community’s main Discord server for their activities and are discouraged from inviting members to other servers without prior approval.
  • To apply for the roles of community streamer or content creator, please utilize the following form. Your contributions are highly valued, and we look forward to welcoming you to our creative community.
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