Content Creators & Streamers :

In Global United Forces We’re committed to valuing team working and supporting each other, & We’re also trying our best on supporting our content creators by promoting their posts through our Discord Channels;
Automatic alerts for their live streamers & social platform accounts we have,
Automatic alerts for their videos clips publishment on video platforms like YouTube
Also, help them with creating any sort of required banner or graphic images,

We’ve community streaming roles & members who are part of our community for at least a month can apply for becoming a community streamer,
The community streamers will get their streaming notifications in our Discord media channels automatically posted by our Discord bot,

Requirements for Content Creators and Streamers Applications
1 – Being a member of the community for at least a month
2 – The content should not represent anything which are against the community rules, the content creators  & Streamers should represent themselves and the community in a positive manner,
3 – The trademark of any other brand of other communities outside GUF should not be included in the content, It’s not mandatory but We do appreciate it that our content creators add GUF in the title or descriptions of their content for support the community
4 – Content creators and streamers should only use our community’s main Discord for their activity they should ask/invite any members to another server,

You can using the following forum to apply for community streamer or content creators roles

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