GUF Community Hall of Fame

Below you can find the list of our Super Star Members

What is Global United Forces Superstar Award ?

GUF Super Star Award

The Superstar Award is granted to individuals within our community who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and loyalty across various aspects, making significant contributions to maintaining a welcoming, helpful, and engaging community environment.


On average, every 1-3 months, one or more community members will be chosen and honored with the prestigious Superstar badge or award, regardless of the game they play. The Community Staff Council Board will prominently feature their names on community platforms.


In addition to the recognition, the Superstar will receive a giveaway prize or gift card for use in online gaming platform stores.
When selecting the Superstar nomination member, several factors are taken into consideration, including:

  • Activity and participation on the Discord server
  • Assistance provided to new members
  • Engagement in gaming events, both daily and weekly
  • Contributions to helping members with technical gaming or hardware issues
  • Their history within the community and adherence to our code of conduct

Frequently Asked Questions

All community members who are been active recently and had an influential contribution to keeping the environment helpful and fun for everyone & been at the community at least for 6 months,

The Superstar Award is bestowed upon members who have achieved the Rising Star or higher rank within the Global United Forces community Discord server.

The Superstar award is determined solely by the Community Council Board, who carefully assess member contributions through fair calculations to select and nominate deserving individuals.