Global United Forces Community History – Timeline


Fearless, an avid video gamer, stumbled upon the newly released Battlefield 3, a prequel to BFBC2, which he had previously played the single-player campaigns of. As Fearless played Battlefield 3, he soon realized that it was one of the greatest multiplayer games for him. He understood that playing with a group of people enhanced the gaming experience. Thus, he began to build his small team by reaching out to his local friends and searching for online friends. 

With his efforts, he successfully created a small group of players on Teamspeak.

A newly formed group, named SF-OPS (Special Forces Operations Team), is currently enjoying playing Multi-Player in BF3 and Co-Op missions. 

However, news of a new game, Battlefield 4, is already spreading rapidly over the internet.


The highly anticipated release of Battlefield 4, a prequel to one of the most successful and highly-rated games, Battlefield 3, is finally here. Consequently, SF-OPS or Special Forces Operations team, is now transitioning to Battlefield 4 and starting their platoon within the game’s newly updated and added platoon features.

At present, SF-OPS is not a large team or a clan and comprises approximately 20 players. This group mainly consists of Fearless’s local friends, his brother, cousins some living within 8 hours different timze zone, and other players he found online.


The small SF-OPS group has been enjoying playing Battlefield 4 for a long time, and recently, some new players, including skilled tank drivers and pilots, have joined the group.


Battlefield 1, another successful addition to the Battlefield series, was released with great excitement in the gaming community. However, some players found it time-consuming and challenging due to its unique concept of warfare based on World War 1. The game features a great campaign storyline that provides a historical perspective on the events behind World War 1 from the viewpoint of different nations. It portrays real-life events and operations that occurred during the war. 

The new community operation at Battlefield gameplay is also based on real-life wars and events, making it a new and exciting era for the franchise. The small SF-OPS team was highly impressed with the game. 

Nowadays, there is more to the game than just traditional Multi-player, with a variety of new features to explore in Battlefield 1. Although Fearless, the group’s creator, needs to take a short break from gaming at the middle of Battlefield 1, due to highly increase in his personal life responsibilities, other members of the group continue to play the game, either together or individually.


Although Battlefield 5 did not have the best launch ever and was based on World War II warfare, in mid-2021 news spread of a new Battlefield game, Battlefield 2042. 


This new game returns to the modern warfare concept and is inspired by the successful Battlefield series titles BF3 & 4. It is also being released towards the end of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, during which many people have become accustomed to staying at home and engaging in indoor activities.


As a result, the developer teams decided to push the game release date forward. However, the game has turned out to have the worst launch in Battlefield franchise history, both in terms of quality and game concept. Many veteran Battlefield players have avoided joining the new game, especially members of Special OPS teams.


Despite the quality of life problems and errors in BF2042, Fearless continued to play the game. He reached out to several members of the old SF-OPS team who had moved on to other games such as Call of Duty or RPG games, and others who were still playing Battlefield 4 and 1. Fearless realized that it was time for a change and attempted to join other teams, but it did not work out in the long term. Finally, he decided to expand SF-OPS into a larger group, especially after several developments on the social media platform Discord, which is known as the online gamers’ community’s bond. Discord offers many new features that were not available on TeamSpeak or any other platforms. Fearless created a new server with a few of his real-life friends and others he had met online, with a more unique and rebranded name – Global United Forces.


Brand New Community Global United Forces


The idea behind creating a worldwide team or community came from Fearless’s personal experience of working in multi-region overseas activities based corporations, where he met people from different regions and backgrounds either online or in-person.


Global United Forces is meant to be a place where people from all over the world can get along and play games with each other while sharing the beauty of their backgrounds and cultures. Fearless’s experience in online marketing and communications helped him create the new community in his spare time.


The Co-Founder of GUF – Edge:

Fearless also met an influential member of the new GUF community, Edge, also known as OverTheEdge. Later, Edge became the co-founder of GUF, and his contributions began when the team consisted of fewer than 10 members.


The old SF-OPS will become a sub-brand name for the Global United Forces competitive players, known as the Special Forces team of the GUF Battlefield community. GUF will soon expand to different games such as Call of Duty and Destiny 2, after several members moved to those games and helped Fearless in founding sub-communities for those games.


The newly founded Global United Forces community in 2023 is experiencing rapid growth with many new members joining the community.



HighKalorie is one of Fearless’s friends whom they met online during the release of Battlefield 2042. He is an early member of GUF and joined the community at its inception. HighKalorie is a passionate FPS gamer who places a high value on diversity and equality. He plays a pivotal role in various sections of the community and makes remarkable contributions



An early member of GUF, is a passionate streamer and legendary video gamer who has been playing and streaming gameplay for nearly 8 years with love and dedication. He is now fully dedicating his entertainment and gaming time to Destiny 2. In the meantime, Fearless is doing his best to support LeRay with building the D2 side of GUF through a good online marketing plan.


Bnxi is a legendary video gamer and veteran Battlefield player who has been playing all different titles of the franchise ever since Battlefield Bad Company 2. When she returned to Battlefield 2042 after updates and improvements of the game, she joined the Global United Forces at the start of the new year. She found the GUF to be a welcoming and friendly environment. In the meantime, she is contributing to all activities, getting to know members in GUF, and even providing valuable suggestions on the development of the GUF community.


Global United Forces was initially founded with a focus on prioritizing professional gaming and participation in e-sport matches. At first, GUF had a semi-milsim concept. However, as the community rapidly grew and attracted a large member base of casual gamers, the leadership of GUF realized the need for changes.


Bnxi played a significant role in the restructuring of the community by suggesting ways to bring together all types of gamers. This included catering to those who play for fun and laughter rather than solely focusing on competitive gameplay skills. She proposed possible changes to the overall community structure, considering that GUF is an adult gaming community. The military simulation concept created an environment with different hierarchies and processes, making it challenging to maintain fairness, equal treatment, and cohesion.


One of her suggestions was the removal of the military simulation concept, which would help create a more inclusive and egalitarian environment within the community.



Fero is another early member of GUF who has been actively involved in the community for quite some time. As he spent more time in the community, he realized that it was a fun and welcoming place where he could get to know everyone. Fero has made numerous contributions as an active member, particularly in welcoming new members.


Fearless, the active community leader, decided to retire from competitive gaming, especially after the changes made to the community structures. It was at this point that Fero was appointed as the team leader for the Battlefield side of the community’s professional players or Special Forces unit. His expertise and prior experience in e-sports gaming made him an ideal candidate for organizing the competitive aspect of the community. In addition to his role as a team leader, Fero also serves as a council member, actively contributing to the overall functioning of the community.


In Mid-2023, 

The Global United Forces community underwent a transformation, adopting a new concept. The ranking hierarchy was removed, and instead, active and dedicated members of the community started being recognized through achievement progressions. They were awarded different achievements based on their participation. The staff roles and organization of community affairs became voluntary for those who wished to apply.

As a result of these changes, the community adopted a new structure featuring a council board. This council board consisted of voluntary members and veteran members who assisted the active community leader in various ongoing operations and changes that were being made to steer the direction of the Global United Forces community.


Currently, the community encompasses three main games: Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Destiny 2. 

With a global member base, participants engage in a friendly and enjoyable environment, fostering the creation of incredible gaming moments and providing opportunities to forge connections with fellow gamers.


In the second quarter of 2023, following a period of rapid growth within the GUF Gaming community, a significant development occurred with the integration of new Destiny 2 clans into GUF. This integration led to the Destiny 2 universe becoming one of the most active and engaging sub-communities within Global United Forces. Consequently, a surge in new members joined the community during this period. Additionally, fresh faces emerged within the Community Council, contributing to the shaping of the community’s future.

One noteworthy addition to the Community Council is Tacticalmime,
Tactical Mime is a seasoned player in games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Destiny 2. His arrival within Global United Forces came at a pivotal juncture, and he actively contributed to maintaining the community’s welcoming atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the positive vibes he experienced upon joining.

Tacticalmime has displayed versatility by seamlessly integrating into various aspects of the community, whether it be within Destiny 2, Battlefield, or Call of Duty. His contributions have been particularly remarkable, including his collaboration with the community on the development of GUF Community merchandise and the establishment of an online shop.

Huracan – A Unique Star of GUF – Someone Who Born to Entertain

Huracan joined GUF while playing Battlefield 2042 with GUF_Edge, one of the Co-Founders of GUF, on PlayStation.
When he joined the GUF Discord server he was impressed by the friendly atmosphere of the GUF Community, even it’s a matter of fact he hate people Nonetheless, as a highly motivated individual with an introvert personality with a passionate and self identity that he was born to entertain, he committed himself to maintaining a friendly demeanor in Global United Forces.

When the Destiny 2 side of the GUF community faced a significant decline, almost to the point of removal, Huracan stepped up.
He joined the staff team and brought life and activity into the Destiny 2 section of GUF.
Collaborating with the rest of the leadership, he orchestrated the merger of several smaller clans into the GUF entity as a whole.
And after all Destiny 2 became one of the most active and engaged sections of the Global United Forces Community.