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Donate to the Global United Forces Community


Support the Global United Forces Community through Donations

Contributions to our community are entirely optional and not obligatory. We deeply appreciate the time and effort invested by our community members to create a welcoming and enjoyable space for everyone; your time is invaluable, and we acknowledge that.

Donating is an option available for those who wish to support the community by assisting in organizing and maintaining giveaway events. This option is in response to requests from community members eager to contribute.

We offer the following donation tiers:

  1. $5 Supporter Tier:
    • Custom supporter role
    • Custom supporter Discord name color
    • Badge on the GUF community website
  2. $20 Prestigious Supporter Tier:
    • Custom prestigious supporter role
    • Custom prestigious supporter Discord name color
    • Badge on the GUF community website
    • Name announcement in our server
  3. $40 Elite Supporter Tier:
    • Custom elite supporter role
    • Custom elite supporter Discord name color
    • Badge on the GUF community website
    • Name announcement in our server

Donation funds will be allocated as follows:

  • 50% for event and giveaway prizes.
  • Covering expenses for premium subscription bots that aid in Discord server and website maintenance.
  • Supporting the growth of Global United Forces through marketing initiatives.
  • Handling other miscellaneous and uncategorized expenses.

To make a donation, you can use our PayPal email address:, or utilize our PayPal button.

Additionally, you can use your Debit or Credit Cards to donate via Stripe.

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Rest assured that all donations made to the community will be reinvested back into the community through various activities and initiatives. Check the Global United Forces Community Website’s Donate page for a list of all-time donors.

Global United Forces Subscriptions: Supporting Our Community’s Future

Alternatively, we invite you to explore our subscription plans and become a part of our collective journey towards gaming excellence and camaraderie. By doing so, we can collectively elevate GUF into an exceptional community catering to all interests.

Our subscription plans offer numerous benefits, so be sure to select the one that aligns best with your interests. These perks include priority placement on member lists, exclusive access to specialized channels, a prestigious Subscriber Role Icon setting you apart as a top-tier member, XP Boost in Discord leveling to accelerate your level progression, and a prominent announcement of your name on the Discord server.

For more info and subscriptions, visit the link below:

A list of our all-time donators can be found as below