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Global United Forces Battlefield Division

Welcome to the Battlefield world of Global United Forces!

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  • GUF Community was established by dedicated Battlefield enthusiasts, including some of the most seasoned players who have been a part of the series since its inaugural installment, Battlefield 1942.
  • Whether you’re a veteran Battlefield player or a recent enthusiast, you likely understand the unparalleled enjoyment that comes from playing Battlefield with friends.
  • The camaraderie, strategic call-outs, collaborative teamwork, and the creation of unforgettable moments make the Battlefield experience truly exceptional.

Casual & Competitive Players

  • Are you a casual gamer, savoring the delightful gameplay of Battlefield?
  • Alternatively, are you a dedicated professional, deeply engrossed in competitive gaming?
  • Rest assured, we cater to both types of gamers within our community. At Global United Forces, we boast a diverse member base, accommodating both casual gamers and e-Sports enthusiasts.

Join Us Today

  • Look no further; give GUF Community a chance today and become a part of our family. Joining us is simple; our primary requirement is that members be at least 18 years old or above.
  • By joining our Discord server, you can connect with an incredible community of Battlefield players within Global United Forces.

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