eSport and Competitions
Global United Forces is a casual and semi-competitive community, It’s not always participating in professional league tournaments, where team members are paid a salary as part of their gaming occupation. GUF was not founded as a for-profit organization, where to put money to draft and/or compensate its members to compete in geographically-based leagues, Since a lot of members have an interest in professional gaming, there is a large number of casual and semi-competitive players in GUF that exemplifies the qualities of the clan’s brand and it is imperative that is why we’re making sure that these members remain at the heart of this organization. and we’re also focusing on improving our competition side of the community, We might be planning on registering at official tournaments according to the overall leadership interest and the game we gonna be competing in, also we’re always planning on organizing friendly competitions between GUF and other friendly clans in order to provide a chance and opportunity for our players to get experienced at the competitive gaming. All being said we’re also not holding players away from participating in professional competitions just because the main leadership is not registering the clan, members in the GUF who are willing to fund or attend any tournaments, are free to do so, in this type of scenario any prizes or monetary payouts awarded to the community members at a professional tournament are theirs to keep; the GUF organization is entitled to no player compensation of any kind. In this manner, GUF exists as a team name only, and tournament members also do not necessarily represent the views or interests of the GUF organization by wearing outfits, etc. In Global United Forces our main competitive players are specified by their specific roles, if you’re interested to join our competitive players team, you can open the below link,