Global United Forces Gaming Community  is looking for players to join us


Here at Global United Forces (GUF), we value community.

No matter if you’re a veteran Call of Duty player or someone picking the game up for the first time, you have a place within our community. It is the same for those hardcore competitive players, no matter what or how you play you are welcome, we’re striving to keep our community a welcoming and free-of-stress environment for everyone.
We’re looking for both Call of Duty MWII, and WZ 2.0 players
Our community is founded on team working, we do ask that you keep things clean and never leave a member of the community out if they are wanting to play with you.
We have a well-organized Discord where we will run weekly events and tournaments to help members to get to know each other.

– 18+ Age
– Access to a mic
– All Cross Platforms, PC, XBOX One and XS , PS4-5

What do We offer?
– Different weekly Gaming events;
1–Training session events
2 – Meetups Weekends Gaming Events
3 – Competitions Scrims, and Tournaments

– With competition players, and chances to play against other teams at esports players matches’
– Ranking progression in the community to create your own team from new recruits after you get experienced, socialized as a new platoon in the community,
– Lvl 3 Discord, which has unlimited chat lobbies to create with a click, and a lot of useful information
– Graphic designers, and online resources to help content creators on getting well-known in the community

Join or Discord