Best Discord Notifications Settings

Discord Channels Settings In this post, we will cover some useful tips on managing Discord notifications. It’s important to adjust your settings based on your specific requirements, the type of game you play, and your daily life conditions. This will help you minimize distractions from Discord while staying connected to important community updates. Apart from […]

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Types Of Events GUF Gaming

Types of events that may be organized by the Global United Forces community include; 1 – Training session events: community events are designed to help players improve their skills and tactics in combat-oriented games. These events may be organized by our community Sergeants and higher ranks, and they’re going to use the format and scenario […]

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[GUF] Global United Forces Community Discord

[GUF] Global United Forces Gaming Community Discord   Our community Discord server is improved and well organized to serve our community members daily chatting, teaming up in games, and using the voice chat in Discord there is also plenty of useful information in our server too, we’re always ready and looking forward to hearing our […]

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Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation

Season 3: Escalation Come face to face with the enemy in the northern Swedish wilderness and dominate ground warfare with new technological weaponry, the EMKV90-TOR railgun tank, and Vault weapons. Deploy as new Specialist Zain and flush out enemies with his XM370A airburst launcher. It’s coming with 3 new weapons and 1 new tank vehicle, […]

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