Competitive Gaming Vs Casual

Hey everyone! in this post we’ve covered several differences and a summary description between competitive hardcore gamers and casual gamers.

Casual Gaming;

It’s basically referred to those people who would like to play different types of games for fun in their free time, and they enjoy playing them regardless of the score in the game, of course, it does not mean that a casual gamer does not care about the score at all but their first priority is having fun, casual gamers may play different types of games from different categories.

Competitive Gaming;

We can refer to those people who are playing one or several known favorite games of their choice and their main focus is getting the highest score in the matches, they usually spend more time exploring the different tactics and strategic locations of the maps in the games they play,

The common differences between casual gaming and hardcore competitive gaming

1 – Casual Gamers, Playing for Fun

Not have in-depth knowledge about the game.
Makes predictable moves.
Takes losses lightly and not analyzing.
Easily raging out in a hardcore gaming match.
fewer teamwork skills.

2 – Competitive, Hardcore gamers
Makes calculative decisions.
They well-know the game knowledge, tactics and etc
Very fluent in their plays.
Very calm, and composed even when at a disadvantage.
Almost always a team player.
Competitive. desire. eagerness to win.


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