Global United Forces Gaming Community Core Values :



1 – Respect For All
2 – Ultimate Fun With Mutual Understanding
3 – Team Working

We have an open communication policy and doing our best on promoting transparency, honesty, and respect in all interactions.

We value working together towards a shared goal and allow everyone to contribute their strengths and expertise to the efforts, our goal is always to keep experiences of everyone fun, not stressful,
Ranking GUF



Ranking Progressions
The goal of the rank structure is to help new players with their experience in the community & opportunity for all community members to participate in the community to progress and grow while also maintaining it, ranks are Gamification, especially for people who like helping others, ranks do come with their responsibility and it’s totally voluntary,
Higher rank does not mean superiority over others, treating ranks similar to the actual real-life titles is against our community policy,

How to obtain it?
The leadership has the rights and responsibility to follow the activities of the members and offer promotions!

Community Leader




The Community leader is responsible for leading the community and overseeing its operations, being the highest-ranking member of the community & responsible for setting the overall direction and vision for the group.
Duties & Responsibilities

1 – Setting the overall strategy and goals for the community
2 – Recruiting and managing other leaders and volunteers within the community
3 – Ensuring that the community operates smoothly and efficiently
4 – Creating and enforcing required rules and policies to maintain a positive, fun & inclusive community environment that represents the core values and foundation of the community,
5 – Providing guidance and support to community members as needed
6 – Developing and maintaining relationships with other gaming communities and organizations

A community leader position will be open when the active leader retires, other leadership members can apply to be a candidate and will be selected through an election process with overall community votes,

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