Global United Forces Gaming Community Core Values :



1 – Respect For All
2 – Ultimate Fun With Mutual Understanding
3 – Team Working

We have an open communication policy and doing our best on promoting transparency, honesty, and respect in all interactions.

We value working together towards a shared goal and allow everyone to contribute their strengths and expertise to the efforts, our goal is always to keep experiences of everyone fun, not stressful,
Ranking GUF



Ranking Progressions
The goal of the rank structure is to help new players with their experience in the community & opportunity for all community members to participate in the community to progress and grow while also maintaining it, ranks are Gamification, especially for people who like helping others, ranks do come with their responsibility and it’s totally voluntary,
Higher rank does not mean superiority over others, treating ranks similar to the actual real-life titles is against our community policy,

How to obtain it?
The leadership has the rights and responsibility to follow the activities of the members and offer promotions!

Community Leader




The Community leader is responsible for leading the community and overseeing its operations, being the highest-ranking member of the community & responsible for setting the overall direction and vision for the group.
Duties & Responsibilities

1 – Setting the overall strategy and goals for the community
2 – Recruiting and managing other leaders and volunteers within the community
3 – Ensuring that the community operates smoothly and efficiently
4 – Creating and enforcing required rules and policies to maintain a positive, fun & inclusive community environment that represents the core values and foundation of the community,
5 – Providing guidance and support to community members as needed
6 – Developing and maintaining relationships with other gaming communities and organizations

A community leader position will be open when the active leader retires, other leadership members can apply to be a candidate and will be selected through an election process with overall community votes,

General (GEN)



The General is the commander in charge of the division in the Global United Forces and can oversee up to 4 companies,

They’re the leaders who have shown their efforts during their previous positions and have successfully split their company and developed their members and co-leader staff in the community, 

Can oversee the whole division and provide necessary help in all affairs related to their division, They are the trusted leaders of the community, well-known General has full access to all community data, including web pages, Social accounts, Discord, and other platforms used at the community,

Requirements : 
1 – The General promotion is happening according to the community requirements and the candidates should have been part of the community for at least 6 months,
2 – They should pass every training and exam which gives them the depth knowledge of community values

90% Complete (success)

Colonel (COL)



Colonels are next in line for promotions to the General rank they have high experience in their role.
They are responsible for assisting their division General in managing and monitoring the division within Global United Forces

A Colonel can oversee the whole division and provide necessary help in all affairs related to their division, Colonel has full access to all community data, including web pages, Social accounts, Discord administrations, etc

1 – Well-Known within the community
2 – Contribution as a Major at their division for at least a month
3 – Discord rank of 20 or higher

80% Complete (success)

Major (MAJ)

General GUF


Major is when a Captain has become experienced in their role. 

They still remain in charge of the company and will be assisting their newly promoted Captain in organizing the company, 

The Major is also the first person in line for promotion to Colonel should the position open.

A Major can also host Division-level events without prior permission.

1 – Hosted at least 10 Gaming Events
2 – Contribution to the community as Captain for at least one month
3 – Having a Discord rank of 18 or higher

70% Complete (success)

Captain (CPT)

Captain GUF



The Captain is in Command of the entire company.

Leadership, you are the main person leading your company within the guideline from the division leader or Major,

Captains are responsible to organize gaming events, on weekly basis according to the votes and suggestions of players

They can host company-level events without notifying any higher leadership member, they can also host a wide event consists the whole division with prior notification to other leadership members,

They Should make sure the new members have settled well in the community, Captains are expected to help in recruiting new members to the community,

Requirements : 
1 – Should have been an LT for at least 3 weeks
2 – A complete knowledge of community core values
3 – Discord Rank of 12 or higher
4 – Taking Captain training class & passing the mandatory exams,

60% Complete (success)

Lieutenant (LT)



Lieutenant is the initial rank for staff members who are responsible for overseeing the operations in the community and company of the games they’re playing. 

They must have excellent communication skills,
They may also be required to complete additional training that teaches them the core values of Global United Forces, and advanced leadership and management skills within the community.

Requirements : 
1 – Contributed efforts to the community as Ssgt at least for 2 weeks
2 – Having a Discord rank of 10 or higher

50% Complete (success)

Staff Sergeant (Ssgt)
Staff Sergeant


Staff Sergeant is helping the LT within their company, and they are required to take a basic training class by a Captain or higher rank member in order to have good information about the community’s core values and they are representing the community for new members, by welcoming and helping on keeping it a cool space,

1 – being at the community for at least 5 weeks
2 – Taking the Staff Sergeant class and passing the quizzes exam,
2 – Discord rank of 8 or higher

40% Complete (success)

Sergeant (SGT)



SGT or Sergeants are senior members of the community and they are there on helping the actual staff within the community.
Welcoming new members, helping on keeping the environment clean, assisting in watching over the server, moderating chats, etc.

They may also be required to have a thorough understanding of the game and the Global United Forces Discord server, they should play with their fellow mates in the community and have fun.

1 – Being at the community for at least 4 weeks
2 – A complete knowledge of community rules & code of conduct
3 – Discord rank of 6 or higher

30% Complete (success)

Corporal (CPL)


CPL or Corporal rank is referred to the members of the community who are having an initial knowledge of the community structures & are not considered to have a high activity,

They may need to be required to demonstrate their proficiency in certain areas of the community, for example trying to welcome new members, participating in keeping the environment cool & welcoming, 


1 – Being at the community for at least 2 weeks
2 – Initial knowledge of community channels usages
3 – Having a Discord rank of 4 or higher

20% Complete (success)

Private (PVT)


Private are casual members of the community without much activity & those playing games very rarely.

1 – They have to select their roles, and get basic knowledge of Discord from an experienced member,
2 – They have to complete their profile set up on the community website
3 – They should know the basic usage of the community Discord server

10% Complete (success)