The General is the commander in charge of the division in the Global United Forces and can oversee up to 4 companies, They’re the leaders who have shown their efforts during their previous positions and have successfully split their company and developed their members and co-leader staff in the community,  Can oversee the whole division […]

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Colonels are next in line for promotions to the General rank they have high experience in their role. They are responsible for assisting their division General in managing and monitoring the division within Global United Forces A Colonel can oversee the whole division and provide necessary help in all affairs related to their division, Colonel […]

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Major is when a Captain has become experienced in their role.  They still remain in charge of the company and will be assisting their newly promoted Captain in organizing the company,  The Major is also the first person in line for promotion to Colonel should the position open. A Major can also host Division-level events […]

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The Captain is in Command of the entire company. Leadership, you are the main person leading your company within the guideline from the division leader or Major, Captains are responsible to organize gaming events, on weekly basis according to the votes and suggestions of players They can host company-level events without notifying any higher leadership […]

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Lieutenant is the initial rank for staff members who are responsible for overseeing the operations in the community and company of the games they’re playing.  They must have excellent communication skills, They may also be required to complete additional training that teaches them the core values of Global United Forces, and advanced leadership and management […]

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Staff Sergeant

Staff Sergeant is helping the LT within their company, and they are required to take a basic training class by a Captain or higher rank member in order to have good information about the community’s core values and they are representing the community for new members, by welcoming and helping on keeping it a cool […]

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