General Tips for Improved Gameplay in Battlefield 2042 FPS Video Game, as Shared by GUF Community Competitive Team Captain Fero :


Use the Mini Map:
Always keep an eye on the mini-map to be aware of your surroundings and the positions of your teammates and enemies.

Take Cover Wisely:
Avoid exposing more of your body than necessary. Utilize all available cover to stay protected and minimize your vulnerability.

Timing and Communication:
Whenever you’re not ready to engage in a firefight, take cover and communicate with your team about enemy positions, reloading, or using utility.

Pre-aim at Head Level:
Keep your crosshair at head level and anticipate where the enemy might be. Adjust your scope accordingly for better accuracy.

Strategic Positioning:
Position yourself in a way that allows you to have a clear line of sight and aim at the enemy while making it difficult for them to spot and target you.

Exploit Enemy Movement:
Identify choke points where the enemy team tends to rush in predictably. Take advantage of these situations to catch them off guard and eliminate them.

Tactical Retreats:
If you’re losing a gunfight, don’t hesitate to fall back and heal. Sometimes, the enemy might follow you, presenting an opportunity for an easy counter-kill.

Stay Mobile:
Avoid standing still during gameplay. Constantly move and reposition yourself after securing kills or during reloads, but do so strategically.

Seize Opportunities:
If you’ve weakened an opponent and you’re at full health with a safe path, consider pushing aggressively for the elimination.

Utilize Smokes Strategically:
Smoke grenades are versatile tools. Use them when you’re low on health, uncertain about enemy positions, or need to revive a teammate. They can also help you push through open areas safely.

Remember, practice and patience are essential for improving your skills in FPS games. Learning from each match and implementing these tips will gradually enhance your gameplay. Good luck!

Following is also a YouTube Video from one of our live training tutorials hosted within our community Discord server :

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