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    My name is Rookzz.
    Im here to make a unban request.
    On the 14/11/2023.
    – i was banned from the server on the reason for being aggressive to other players and members of GUF.

    – Since that time i have learned alot and have worked out my own problems, as it stands this is on me.
    – I send out my deepest apologies for the members of GUF and the players for my behavior.

    – For whatever it’s worth im truly sorry.


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    Hello Rookzz,
    I regret to inform you that we have chosen to uphold your ban.
    While we understand the challenge of not being able to chat, play with familiar individuals, we must take into account the numerous warnings you’ve received regarding complaints from multiple GUF members.
    We hope you understand our decision and can still find a gaming community to enjoy.
    Take care.
    Best regards,

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    Hello Fearless

    – I understand your decision but as i recall i got 3 warnings through out time i was in the server, i do not know of any other warnings as you called it out that there was numerous warnings.

    – As in finding gaming communities that was on the same league of skilled members, i did find it but i lost my membership from there (GUF).
    – I rest my case.


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