Is It Worth Playing Battlefield 2042? Exploring Major Changes and Improvements

Battlefield is a renowned AAA FPS gaming franchise with a rich history and a dedicated veteran community. It experienced its golden age with phenomenal titles like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 1.

After the release of Battlefield 5, players eagerly awaited news of a new modern warfare-based title, which eventually came in the form of Battlefield 2042. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the shift to remote work, the development faced challenges. Additionally, the decision to remove fundamental features and transform the core gameplay into a hero shooter with a specialist system, lacking traditional classes, left fans concerned. This change created significant balance issues, not aligning well with the essence of an All-out warfare game like Battlefield. Moreover, the game was released with numerous bugs, leading to the worst launch in franchise history.

However, the developers responded swiftly, actively seeking feedback from the community and working to improve the product to meet expectations. They made commendable efforts by extending the title’s life with two more new seasons and introducing reworked maps with abundant content from Battlefield Portal. The latter featured maps, weapons, and vehicles from previous Battlefield titles, rekindling nostalgic excitement.

The question remains, have EA and Dice successfully saved Battlefield with these measures? Are these improvements enough to restore the franchise’s reputation? Let’s delve into the recent changes and examine whether it is now worth playing Battlefield 2042.


Major Changes and Improvements

Class System:
Back in Season 3, a class system was introduced, though not exactly the same as in previous Battlefield titles. This system restricts gadgets based on the class and introduces weapon proficiency unique to each class. Using the designated weapon for your class grants additional ammo and improved accuracy, effectively balancing the all-out warfare concept of Battlefield 2042.

During the initial launch of Battlefield 2042, the game faced significant issues with map design, particularly the lack of cover at certain points.

This led to imbalanced gameplay and a lack of tactical depth, hindering the overall experience. However, the developer team has since put in an extensive effort to rework all base maps, making numerous tweaks that have significantly enhanced gameplay. Despite these improvements, the integration of 128 players and the map sizes still presents challenges, especially in game modes like Conquest, where traveling across different objectives can be quite challenging.

Gameplay Mechanism:
The core gameplay mechanism of Battlefield 2042 bears similarities to titles like Battlefield 4. However, there have been various tweaks to character performance and movement effects, setting it apart from its predecessors. The developer team has consistently worked on the game, redesigning it and adding important features like squad management to enhance the overall experience.

Weapons & Gadgets:
Battlefield 2042 introduced the Battlefield Portal, a feature that allows hosting different experience modes from previous titles, including their weapons and maps.

Responding to community requests, the developer team added these weapons to the base game modes, along with attachments and skins, ensuring balanced gameplay in comparison to the base game weapons. This has resulted in a diverse array of weapons and gadgets to collect and use in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 has undergone significant improvements and is now in much better condition. While it may still lack some of the gameplay and vibes seen in other titles, the recent efforts of the developer team have brought the game to a more enjoyable and fun-to-play state.”

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