My name is Bruce, I go by a few usernames, most commonly bad_goose; within the ea universe, it is expired_poptarts. I am 37 years old. I hold an AAS in law enforcement and an AAS in automotive technology(diagnostics), and I am about to complete my BAS in business management and leadership. I work on cars as a hobby. I work overnights 4 days a week for 12-15 hours per shift (central standard time). I have a pet turtle to help balance out my fast-paced lifestyle. I am married and combined have 5 kids between us. I mainly play on my PC, but I have a collection of consoles in storage over the years. I also was part of a fast-growing mil-sim unit primarily based on the game Squad. Our training regimes were based strictly on our members' real-life veteran experiences in the military. Any other questions, do not hesitate.

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